Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)

Our approach to improved performance management involves working with organizations to translate thinking in terms of inputs and outputs into effective consideration of outcomes and impact. We have a qualified team of performance management experts who bring considerable experience and expertise in the following areas:

Monitoring & Evaluation Frameworks

We provide consulting services for monitoring and evaluating the progress of projects from the initial project and program planning through to post-implementation review. We also work to analyse trends throughout the implementation process, promoting systematic project management to reduce risks of project underperformance or failure. In particular, we have expertise in the introduction of new information technology techniques in monitoring and evaluation of the development sector.


We assist organisations in benchmarking through a systematic process of evaluating performance, undertaken by comparing existing performance in specific areas to appropriate the best industry or sectoral practice to identify possible ways of improvement. We then analyse areas for improvement and develop change management strategies.

Project Reviews, Mid-Assessments and Evaluations (ex-post and ex-ante)

TSCPL has expertise in conducting Project Reviews, Mid-Assessments and Evaluations where we first help clients define programme evaluations standards and investigate the performance of ongoing activities or processes. The results are then synthesized on the basis of which we formulate our assessment and recommendations. TSCPL also provides advice and programme review services. Our experience in this area includes numerous donor-funded and international loan projects in the area of urban infrastructure, health, education, water supply and sanitation.