Creation of Request for Proposal (RFP) Vendor Selection, assistance in ERP implementation and ERP Audit

Project Overview

The Dhanuka Group is a USD 125 million, fertilizers and pesticides manufacturing company having its operations in 6 plants and over 30 branch offices. They are looking for new integrated computer application software (ERP) to replace their existing computer applications. They have countrywide distribution network of distributors, preferred dealers and retailers (over 8000). Main objective of this project is to study and write the functionalities and business processes of Dhanuka Group, developing the RFP for the company detailing the functionality, logistics and MIS requirements, writing the vendor evaluation criteria and assist in vendor selection, assist in software implementation, change management and business process improvement, recommend hardware and network solution with centralized database for 6 plants, various branches and Performing ERP Audit. Our services involved;

Technical Assessment: defining functionalities and requirements of various departments, factories and branches at Dhanuka with seamless process flow across departments. The departments include finance, purchasing, inventory, production, quality control, sales order and cash management

Bid Process Management: developing RFP documents,evaluation criteria for vendor selection based on which Vendors were selected.

Program Management: implementation plan and risk mitigation strategies.; also provided BPR to complement the ERP system.

Capacity Building: Developed a capacity building programme for Dhanuka personnel for training on the new systems and processes.

Monitoring & Evaluation: subsequently conducted 2 ERP audits of Microsoft Navision implementation at Dhanuka for over 110 locations across India, identifying areas needing more attention during implementation; system was tested for compliance with the business processes, security and, system performance.

Creation of Request for Proposal (RFP) Vendor Selection, assistance in ERP implementation and ERP Audit