North Eastern Region Capital Cities Development Investment Program (Ref. 32590)

Project Overview

The expected impact of the program is increased economic growth potential, reduced poverty, and reduced imbalances between the region and the rest of the country. The expected outcomes of the Investment Program will be an improved urban environment and better living conditions for the people expected to be living in the Investment Program cities by 2017. To this end, the Investment program will (i) improve and expand urban infrastructure and services in the cities including in slums and (ii) strengthen urban institutional, management, and the financing capacity of the institutions, including the urban local bodies. The Investment Program will ensure that the benefits from investments are enjoyed by the poor, women and all other vulnerable groups, and that any negative environmental and social impacts are alleviated. The Project will comprise two parts: Part A will cover urban infrastructure and services improvement including the rehabilitation, improvement and expansion of (i) water supply, (ii) sewerage and sanitation, and (iii) solid waste management; Part B will cover Investment Program management and implementation support and a comprehensive capacity building assistance to support the accomplishment of the urban institutional and financial reform agenda, and enhance planning, operation and maintenance (O&M), revenue mobilization, and financial management capabilities of service providers.

Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

TSCPL is playing a key role in providing expertise in dimensions as fiscal planning, budgeting, management expertise, institutional expertise, accounting, IT, software and related fields. We are assisting in the municipalisation process, including migration to double entry accounting system, property tax reforms, software systems, capacity building including trainings. Key services include:

  • Technical Assessment: Assess the scope of application of ICT and e-governance in service delivery of AMC; Evaluation and development of software for municipal accounting including multiple modules as budgeting, taxation, service charges, etc. assisting in Migration to Double Entry Accrual-Based Accounting System and computerizing the entire accounting function
  • Capacity Building and Training: Directly conducted multiple hands on training on Basic Computer operations for more than 100 employees and staff of the Municipal Corporation and Urban Development Department; conducted specialized e-Governance training for the senior employees (Commissioner, Addl. Commissioner, Directors, etc.) of the department.
  • Urban Reforms: Assisting in major areas of municipal reforms including finance and taxation, accounting systems, property tax, etc.; Consulting to Drinking Water and Sanitation department to help improve service delivery; Assisting the GoTr and AMC complete the process of institutional restructuring and establishing the Service Regulator for Water and Sewerage Service delivery following the agenda set under 74th CAA and JNNURM; Institutionalizing the water utility reforms ; Rationalization of User Charges and tariff structures for water and sewerage services, and SWM Charges; Evaluation of potential for Private Sector Participation (PSP); Assessing the institutional framework for management of PPP projects
  • Software: Property Tax reforms with GIS mapping and creation of GIS database of 100% properties; computerization of the entire property tax management system; Migration to Double Entry Accrual-Based Accounting System and computerizing the entire accounting function
  • GIS: Preparing comprehensive Property level GIS for the corporation.

TSCPL was responsible for overall IT Component Management including GIS / Mapping and Software development apart from implementing the Financial Management software.

North Eastern Region Capital Cities Development Investment Program (Ref. 32590)