Creation of Water and Sanitation Information System (WASIS) & Benchmarking of Service Provision

Project Overview

Design and create a Water and Sanitation Information System (WASIS) that captures the macro and micro level data of the Urban Local Bodies for the entire water and sanitation services chain and serves as a centralized information database and set out the framework for data capture, record and regular updating. The project also involved conducting a study on international best practices in water and sanitation services develop benchmarking parameters in consultation with stakeholders and in accordance with the Urban Drinking Water and Sanitation Sector Policy and Strategy and Implementation plan. Development of  a Benchmarking Manual on Service Provision. Our services involved;

Technical Assessment: studying and analyzing the existing system, designing the SRS document for the new accounting system particularly to move from single entry to double entry accrual based accounting system; SRS document would also describe the newly identified features along with specifications that can be web enabled to be used in future.; Guidelines for making changes in all the supporting modules including scholarship, inventory, asset management, guest house, grants management among others are provided to the institute

Business Process Re-engineering: Providing BPR including the preparation of an accounting manual for the institute involving the design of Chart of accounts with account codes and formats for books of accounts and vouchers and a User Requirement Specification document for software development or customization at the institute for double entry accounting system on accrual basis

Capacity Building: Capacity building of the users at all levels in the institution; TSCPL provided staff training and capacity building based on the new accounting manual and chart of accounts for IIT staff.

Creation of Water and Sanitation Information System (WASIS) & Benchmarking of Service Provision