Website development for Azad Foundation in India

Project Overview

Azad Foundation is an NGO that runs training programmes to enable women from the poor section of the society to become self dependent. They run programmes that makes disadvantaged women qualified drivers who can then drive professional cars and earn their own income. We developed a website and system that allows national project tracking system that will be used to track all training and mobilization of Azad foundation data. We provided technical support to the following areas;

Procurement Assistance: Provided procurement assistance to procure hardware as Server hardware and User hardware, Server Software, User software and Database.

MIS and Database Development: Developed a database and associated MIS that would help in accessing the data. The various modules are Project and moblization system, Training system, Administration system and Document uploading and download system and MIS reports. Key technologies used were ASP.NET4.0, SQL Server2008, IIS7, Windows Server and the system developed was based upon N Tier Client Server Architecture. The product developed by deployed over GoDaddy Servers in New Delhi

Maintenance: Performing maintenance activities as per change logs generated and approved. These changes are developed, tested and deployed over the live servers.

Capacity Building and Training: Conducted desk training exercise for the organisation’s personnel on the systems and its administration.

Project details