Tonle Sap Environmental Information Database Project

Project Overview

The Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve is mandated to coordinate management among agencies with jurisdiction in the TSBR and direct management objectives toward natural resource con­servation and sustainable development. To support this effort, the Environmental Information Database Sub-Project was established within the Secretariat. This is aimed to support the Secre­tariat’s coordination function and serve the information needs of partner agencies, non­governmental institutions and civil society. Working closely with the Secretariat’s Da­tabase Group, the Pro­ject  intended to provide the initial basis for an information management and database facility at the Secretariat. The main objective of the initiative was to plan, implement and build the capacity for a strategically sound approach for an environmental information database and related functions within the Secretariat, which will serve near term needs and have the capacity to be readily augmented through extension of existing and addition of further features at a later time. Our services involved design and development of the web based bilingual Environment Database, in English and Khmer and assuring project quality. The web based system had a structured database capturing various dimensions of the Environment of the reserve. The system was installed on a web platform so that it is accessible over the internet. Training was provided on the technical and operational aspects of the web based database to the stakeholders.

Project details