Tonle Sap Environmental Information Database Project (TSBR-ED) Phase II

Project Overview

The Tonle Sap Biosphere Reserve (TSBR) is mandated to coordinate management among agencies with jurisdiction in the TSBR and direct management objectives toward natural resource con­servation and sustainable development. To support this effort, the Environmental Information Database Sub-Project (TSBR-ED Project) was established within the TSBR Secretariat.

TSCPL’s key role in Phase II was to lead an international team of experts responsible for improving the long term sustainability by identifying a permanent home for TSBR-ED , provide capacity building and training of key staff members from the identified agency / department / TSBRS and improve user interface and functionality of the website. The detailed activities include;

  • Enhancing sustainability by holding discussions with government agencies and other relevant NGOs to find optimal way to maintain and sustain the TSBR-ED, identify options and make recommendations about a suitable home for TSBR-ED after the end of the project period so as to ensure it long term sustainability and follow up with the identified agency to set up mechanisms to take over and maintain the website management.
  • Capacity Building and Skills Transfer including training of members of the counterpart staff form the identified Agency / TSBRS to use the website, to collect data and to maintain the TSBRED website, providing refresher training to Agency Focal Points from MOU signatories so as to increase the exchange of data for improved efficiency and capacity of these ministries.
  • Improvement of website’s navigation and functionality – This includes assessingneeds and requirements of each user group  to review and review the existing features of the website. Characterize who is accessing the website, how often, and type of information being downloaded, improving the functionality of the website, recognising the importance of easy and secure access of public, privileged and priced data – the accessibility to the website needs to be improved in order to increase usage.

Project details