TI-UP Resource Centre and Framework

Project Overview

TI-UP offers up to two days’ free support through the Resource Centre, and longer commissioned services through a Framework Agreement. Timely and relevant technical advice is offered in all aspects of energy, transport and communications, geo-science and urban planning, as well as a number of cross-cutting themes.

3 studies were commissioned under this:

  • Financing models for Operations and Maintenance in Infrastructure Assets
    • Designed, build, finance, operate and/or maintain model a new facility under a long-term lease.
    • Innovative Financing Solutions
  • Value for money in life-cycle unit costs for infrastructure assets
    • Provided a perspective on Transport, Health and Education infrastructure sector regarding the government allocations, major schemes running especially in India
    • Broad assessment of whether an investment represents value for money.
  • Public Private Partnership in India
    •  Designed Build, Own, Operate & Transfer model

Project details