Support To The National Programme for Urban Poverty Reduction

Project Overview

The Project Management Consultant will support Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA) and facilitate, coordinate, administer and execute DFID’s support to national policies for urban poverty reduction. This will include providing specific and drawdown inputs at the central, state and urban local bodies. The direct support to the 20 cities/towns will be largely concentrated in poor and lagging states. Our role involved ensuring effective harmonization with aid support provided to MoHUPA by World Bank, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Asian Development Bank (ADB), Cities Alliances, etc., in line with the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. Specific inputs include;

  • Technical Assessment: Review the existing monitoring and reporting systems at MoHUPA with a view to implement a more effective information management system strategy and identify the system improvements in line with the requirements under RAY and SJSRY project.
  • Bid Process Management: Prepare a broad level design for the web-enabled integrated MIS-GIS for RAY and SJSRY beneficiary information system.
  • Program Management: Devise operational strategy to achieve key performance indicators as mentioned in RAY as well as SJSRY; Prepare the cost estimate, budget plan, including detailed terms of references/RFP’s etc and other input requirements for installation and operationalisation of the MIS; formulate implementation plan to establish an effective MIS system for the entire operations of RAY, identify the hard and software requirements, and assess the training requirements for the existing staff to operate the system; Functional requirements for Capacity Building MIS
  • Capacity Building: Development of structure and content for RAY website
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: Review the existing reporting and monitoring formats and identify any changes necessary to make them more amenable for a computerized system.  This would include suggesting a strategy for customizing or re-developing the CGG’s data entry system which should eventually be linked to the RAY and SJSRY Monitoring systems.


Project details