Support to the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) Phase 2

Project Overview

The TA aims to provide technical assistance to the Ministry of Urban Development (MUD) Mission Directorate for effective implementation of the JNNURM and technical support to Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) for accessing JNNURM funds. The primary impact of the TA is the effective management and disbursement of JNNURM funds, significant governance reforms at the state and ULB levels, efficient processing and implementation of JNNURM-funded interventions at the ULB level, and overall improvement in the urban environment of India’s major cities. Our services included carrying out;

  • Technical Assessment: Assessment of procurement practices in participating states and cities to identify risks; Comparative assessment of procurement practices vis-à-vis established standard practices of multilateral agencies like ADB and World Bank;
  • Program Management and Monitoring: Visits to JNNURM cities for assessment progress on infrastructure procurement aspects vis-à-vis agreed timelines, assess institutional capacities to undertake the projects, reasons for delays, risk assessment, and provide road maps for strengthening the implementation in a time-bound manner
  • Change Management: Assisting states and cities to leverage information technology to improve effectiveness, transparency and accountability of the procurement process; Provide hand-holding support to states for improving infrastructure investments.; Provide knowledge support—including presentation of regional best practices— relating to project management, monitoring quality of construction, good procurement practices, among others
  • Capacity Building: Development of draft procurement guidelines based on accepted best practices; Assisting JNNURM Directorate in developing unified procurement practices and encouraging states and cities to adopt modern procurement practices in a phased manner;
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: Assist in monitoring with the help of benchmarks/indicators, especially with respect to project management and implementation relating to procurement practices; Assistance in developing municipal infrastructure-related benchmarks/indicators against which progress of DPR implementation can be measured

Project details