Support to the Establishment of Indonesia REDD+

Project Overview

The Project aimed to facilitate the establishment of a Special REDD+ Agency reporting directly to the President of Indonesia to coordinate the efforts pertaining to the development and implementation of REDD+ in the country. The REDD+ Task Force consolidated interventions by relevant Line Ministries, donors, NGOs and CSOs and ensured centralised coordination of all REDD+ initiatives, including the UN-REDD Programme, the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, the Forest Investment Programme and other bi- and multilateral REDD+ initiatives and demonstration as well as voluntary activities taking place in Indonesia. The assignment involved the design of an IT-based monitoring system for REDD+ related initiatives taking place nationwide. Our services involved identifying the requirements, designing the system, directly facilitating the bid process management for procurement of IT services to develop the system and delivering an overall IT strategy for the intervention.

Project details