Strategic monitoring and evaluation framework for Urban Local Bodies

Project Overview

The Andhra Pradesh Urban Services for the Poor Project aimed to reduce poverty in the existing 42 class 1 towns with improved access to better and sustainable services. Our role was mainly to carry out;

Technical Assessment: Supported the development of framework for monitoring and reviewing Urban Local Bodies at the state level, overseen by the Commissioner and Director, Municipal Administration.; Provide an assessment of the current monitoring system followed by municipalities vis-a-vis its strength and weakness regarding service delivery to the common people and particularly the poor

Program Management: A report that that describes the current monitoring system followed by the office of the CDMA; Provide an operational implementation plan for rolling out the strategic framework at municipal and state level. This included fine tuning and operationalises the APUSP project monitoring system

Monitoring & Evaluation: Support the monitoring system of municipalities to better report project progress for 42 class 1 municipalities, overseen by the Project Coordinator, APUSP; Advisory support for implementation of urban M&E system; A strategic monitoring and

evaluation framework for the municipalities and state level M&E.

Project details