Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure Development Project

Project Overview

The project involves capacity building of 6 of the largest towns in Rajasthan. The main objective is to improve infrastructure facilities and the living conditions of 1.6 million urban residents in the nation’s largest state and promote ongoing urban reforms. Our services involved

  • Technical Assessment: Determining GIS requirements for infrastructure mapping
  • Bid Process Management: Preparing, RFP documents, bidding documents, Terms of Reference for appointing agencies for creating the GIS and periodical monitoring of the progress and quality of the work of the agency and help in resolving technical problems.
  • Program Management: Developing reporting formats for capital works programs and developing appropriate application programs for routine monitoring and reporting; Developing Town Base Maps, Infrastructure Mapping & GIS; Assist in preparing periodic progress reports, suitable for onward transmission to the Government of Rajasthan/Government of India and the ADB
  • Change Management: Assist project management unit in preparing and implementing realistic time-bound Management Action Plans to assist the Urban Local Bodies to improve their financial management & increase their resource generation, including computerization of activities
  • Capacity Building: Train the relevant staff on project procedures
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: Developing Project Computer Systems; Advise on selection of appropriate commercially available software for routine monitoring activities.


Project details