Preparing the City Region Development Project

Project Overview

The aim of this project is to promote human development and good governance in several cities of Bangladesh and selected city corporations to assist the government in its efforts of having a sound and balanced urban development. The Project will target city regions centered at Dhaka City Corporation and Khulna City Corporation. The Project will support development of key urban infrastructures, focusing on urban environment and local economic development. The Project also supports the Government to improve regional urban planning and strengthen municipal management and capacity for effective and sustainable urban development. Our services mainly focussed on assessing the energy consumption and energy costs of existing urban lighting and water distribution facilities, including street lights and water pumps; Identifying and recommend immediate energy saving measures which do not incur significant additional costs. The assessment also involved identifying potential areas for energy saving investments for detailed investigation based on estimated costs and benefits; Identifying priority investment projects with energy saving components; conducting technical assessments of the individual investment projects; Examining potential of identified projects to be registered in the Clean Development Mechanism. Estimating savings of green house gasses and Certified Emission Reduction; Analysing commonly followed practice at the national and regional level in similar organizations and compare it with international practices.

Project details