Nepal Rural Access Programme (RAP) Phase III

Project Overview

DFID has been supporting the Nepal Rural Access Programme (RAP) to construct rural roads to increase access to market and social services for the rural poor and disadvantaged for the last 10 years through the RAP 1 and 2 programmes. Following on from these successful programmes the Government of Nepal has requested DFID to support a third phase of RAP from January 2013.

TSCPL oversees the implementation of the financial management related components of the project including fiduciary risk reduction reforms which include (planning, programming and budgeting; funds flow, including budget release;, implementation, including procurement management; internal accountability; external auditing, reporting and monitoring and evaluation; and  revenue management). Additionally he is responsible for project management aspects including developing mechanisms for measuring and auditing Value for Money (VfM) for project investments and interventions, design mechanisms to minimise corruption and leakage during project implementation and develop a web-based GIS application for field monitoring and evaluation of the project.

Project details