Nepal Health Sector Support Programme (NHSSP 2)

Project Overview

A key aspect of the NHSSP 2 is to modernize and improve the financial management of the Ministry of Health & Population (MOHP) of the Government of Nepal. Our services include providing strategic advice on design and implementation of a nationwide (covering central and all distric level offices and health related spending units in Nepal) Output Based Budget (OBB) and Public Financial Management (PFM) system. The PFM system incorporates an accounting classification system, budgeting, fund release, accounting and reporting processes. Additionally our role also involved developing a system for financial compliance and accountability; designing and implementing evaluation mechanisms including Social and Performance Audits, Preparation of Evaluation Reports, Developing functional specifications for a electronic Annual Work Planning and Budgeting (e-AWPB) system; and planning capacity building initiatives for implementing all the new systems.

Project details