Maldives: Information Technology Development Project

Project Overview

SARD DMCs are increasingly looking for knowledge gained from the experience in development practices in the region and across Asia as way to not only put their own practices into proper context but also to ascertain how they can learn from the DMCs of the region.

TSCPL was responsible for

Diagnosis of the public policy environment and political economy of South Asian DMCs

  1. Stakeholder consultations and collaboration on the documentation; and
  2. Peer review of final product including from DMC governments.

The knowledge product is proposed to have following components:

  1. A broad overview of the emerging trends in the public policy and political economy of DMCs in South Asia(including policy update on private sector development, regulatory impact, regional cooperation and integration, climate change adaption, etc . with a view to sharing experiences in policy applications);
  2. Results-oriented development practices in the region on key sectors and themes, and their main lessons;
  3. Discussion on scope of replication in SARD DMCs.

Project details

  • Date:
    October 2012 - December 2012
  • Client:
    Asian Development Bank
  • Sector(s):