Madhya Pradesh Urban Infrastructure Investment Project (MPUIP)

Project Overview

DFID has been a partner of GoMP in addressing some of its urbanisation challenge through slum-level interventions in 14 cities. The new approach is to work at both at city-level and with city-wide financing to address the above-mentioned challenges. This fits with DFID Operational Plan Headline results, DFID India Operational Plan priorities and recommendations by the International Development Select Committee.

TSCPL is working closely with the partners and government providing expertise in delivering the e-governance component of the project which includes use of innovative technology to ensure sustainable provision of ‘clean’ drinking water in slums (focus on quality) , tenure security provided to slums covered under MPUSP, financial inclusion promoted for slum women, central schemes promoting tenure security accessed, earmarking of municipal budgets for pro-poor development  Technical and project management skills of appointed contractor(s).

Project details