Integrated Government Communications System for Government of Uganda

Project Overview

This project falls under the Government of Uganda’s National Development Plan to implement an integrated information system for government communication, information sharing and collaboration. To meet its overall administrative, organizational and ICT objectives, as a starting point, the Government of Uganda needed to procure an Integrated Government Communication System which would be implemented across all ministries and departments on a common ICT infrastructure. The proposed IGSC will deliver a robust infrastructure that caters for the following initiatives – Messaging (Presence and IM), Collaboration, Centralized Access, Web portal services, Integrated Government Communication System for Government of Uganda, Email, and Change management. Our services involved providing key strategic technical inputs into the design, procurement and implementation of an Integrated Government Communications System; Assessing the infrastructure needed to help Government of Uganda set up this integrated communication system; bid process management advice and documenting the benefits that each stakeholder will get from this system.

Project details

  • Date:
    June 2010 - July 2010
  • Client:
    Microsoft Kenya (Uganda)
  • Sector(s):