Information Technology Support for ICT Master Plan Implementation, Cambodia

Project Overview

The Trade Development and Support Program(TDSP) is a program of reform and modernization designed to increase the Royal Government of Cambodia’s efficiency in formulating and implementing effective trade policies with financing of US$12.60 million from the World Bank. A portion of this grant has been allocated to Ministry of Commerce to support the implementation of its ICT Master Plan which aims to put in place modern ICT infrastructure and automate selected business operations. The scale of this Master Plan is broad and will cover the delivery of an enterprise server configuration, network communications, and introduction of business applications on a web-based platform to support a gradual shift of manual tasks to electronic means for key business and administration processes. Our role was mainly focussed on ensuring the operation and sustainability of all infrastructure systems to be put in place by the Ministry of Commerce under its program to modernize the ICT systems and automate selected business processes through a technical support team.

Project details