Financial Management & Municipal Finance Project

Project Overview

The Financial Management and Municipal Finance Consultancy is a component of Utter Pradesh Health Systems Development Project which aims to  substantially reform and improve financial management of city Corporations and project management introducing modernized and computerized accounting systems, and performance-based budgeting, using information technology to enhance financial management, improving tax collection and expanding the tax base to strengthen municipal finances. Our services involved;

  • Technical Assessment – identify  short-term studies (i.e. cost studies, tariffs/database for revenue collection system, etc) that need to be outsourced and develop terms of reference for the studies; oversee and review the study results for incorporation into the financing polices and ensure evidence-based policy setting for Local Government Department and City Corporations
  • Financial Management – Assess the financial management and budgeting systems of Local Government and the city corporations, and explore the potential for introducing accrual based accounting system;
  • MIS -Develop and implement a computerized Financial Management Information System along with financial and performance audit modules for the entire project, Develop guidelines for City Corporations to modernize and computerize the financial management systems
    • Capacity Building – Supervise capacity building for improving financial management of the city corporations, Assess the knowledge and skill levels of personnel involved in maintaining accounts, and identify their training needs and design and conduct need based training courses for program and account personnel at different levels of the Project

Project details