Digitisation of the Nehru Memorial Museum & Library (NMML)

Project Overview

The Nehru Memorial Museum & Library is a unique institution established by the Indian Ministry of Culture. NMML houses a Library on modern India, Memorial Museum, and Centre for Contemporary Studies and a Planetarium. It has an extensive collection of books, manuscripts, periodicals, oral history and photographs pertaining to the life of Jawaharlal Nehru through the different phases of the Indian national movement and the Indian struggle for independence.  The project aimed to improve accessibility and enhanced search ability through a Multi-Media Asset Management System that will accept content from external sources, allow for metadata addition and playback for 5 – 10 simultaneous users on NMML intranet. The broader objective was to transform the institution to a state of the art digital audio & visual library, accessible locally and globally over the NMML Intranet and the Internet.Our services involved;

  • Technical Assessment: Performed Desk Research at NMML; Studied best practices in the sector; Identifying the Quantum of Media Asset Management
  • RFP Development: Finalization of Requirements; Preparation of RFP’s and advertisement; Preparation of Draft Contract
  • Bid Process Management: Evaluation of Technical Proposals; Recommendation Report

In addition TSCPL provided BPR and Capacity Building services to NMML as part of their preparations for the Digital Asset Management System.

Project details