Development of an Economic Diversification Framework and Strategy Paper

Project Overview

TSCPL was responsible for the development of sector situation analysis and recommendation strategies for the sectors.

The sector paper identifies and recommends strategies that would aid trade and economic diversification based on in-depth sector and market analysis, analysis of global market trends, assessment on development potential etc. Each of the sectors assessed using SWOT analysis and prepared to assist in the operationalization of the recommendations there in.

In carrying out the assignment, TSCPL did the following key tasks:

  1. Compile a list of all existing literature and ongoing projects for each sector and undertake a desk review on all the existing literature and stock-take of project relevant to each sector in a prior agreed format
  2. Present key findings to stakeholders-both public and private
  3. Document all the discussions/dialogue of consultations with stakeholders in a prior agreed format to present them to MED.
  4. Present findings of the stakeholder consultations and stock take to MED and NTPCC.
  5. Identify key strategies for each sector and prioritize recommended strategies with stakeholder consultation. The strategies recommended shall be clearly identify as short, medium or long term.
  6. Present the draft sector papers to stakeholders in a prior agreed format.

Project details

  • Date:
    September 2012 - October 2012
  • Client:
    Ministry of Economic Development and Government of Maldives
  • Sector(s):