Consultancy in Microfinance & Financial Inclusion for CARE India microfinance program

Project Overview

CARE India is a leading national developmental organisation with an extensive global network. Through their pro-poor programmes, they have impacted on extreme poverty and social injustice in India. Women are at the heart of CARE’s community-based efforts to improve basic education, boost maternal and child health and expand economic opportunity.  CARE India runs multi million dollar micro-finance program that helps better the livelihoods of people who are on the edge of the society.  Our services involved carrying out various tasks as surveys, diagnostic study of the situations, setting up MIS and databases, recommendations and providing training services in the field. Specific inputs include;

Assessment: TSCPL carried out extensive surveys of present situation in the country and analysed the results using computer software. A diagnostic study of the microfinance development was also carried out. TSCPL prepared financial projections and budgeting systems for micro credit operations.

MIS & Database: TSCPL prepared Microfinance MIS for performance evaluation of MFI’s and SHG’s. Provided consultancy for the DFID funded CASHE Project and implemented a computerized project MIS (PMIS) (through MS Project 98) for the three implementing states. Developed software package for various CARE projects especially for micro finance operations. Set up a computerized Project Direct Cost monitoring and control system through for CARE Bihar and CARE Orissa for Credit project and Rehabilitation project. Implemented CASHE – Credit and Savings for Household Enterprise system, a micro finance based IT system. The result was the preparation of a microfinance database system that allowed various stakeholders access. Additionally we provided capacity builindg with extensive training on the matter to more than 100 staff members, especially on micro finance operations on MIS software packages and how to operate and maintain the systems and databases.

Project details