Assam Budget Procedure Reform, Computerization and Expenditure Management System

Project Overview

The Project is aimed at strengthening the capacity of the Government of Assam to implement the Medium-Term Fiscal Reform Programme and to assist them in the implementation by supporting (i) the establishment of a legislative framework for improving the state’s fiscal management and fiscal reporting; (ii) improvement of the state’s planning and budgeting process; (iii) strengthening of the GoA’s expenditure management and control; (iv) improvement of public sector service delivery by supporting the preparation of a functional assessment of the state administration, and the development and evaluation of options for its organizational restructuring and rightsizing; and (v) exploration and piloting of e-governance options for improving staff relations, and procurement and disbursement processes. Our specific role was prepare a broad level design, specifying technical requirements for the computerisation of the all line and executive departments of Government of Assam for the following four functional areas:

  • Financial Management and Accounting (including budgeting, tax management, expenditure management and treasury operations)
  • Human Resource Management System (including state wide employee database, payroll systems, manpower planning etc.)
  • Procurement (including goods, service and turnkey projects procured by PWD)
  • Project Management (for managing all construction contracts)

The work also includes preparing the RFP as per ADB guidelines, preparing an IT strategy for GOA’s E-Governance and a time bound action plan for its implementation.

Project details