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I know it is a huge mental leap for an American to think the cost of Medical Insurance for Spain or Health Insurance, as something you can afford out-of-pocket. ASISA will make every effort to prevent errors and, where appropriate, repair or update them as soon as possible, not being able to guarantee their non-existence or that the content of the information is permanently updated. I have paid for my insurance policy, but have not received the membership card or the documents. Policy: The document that contains the regulatory conditions of the Insurance. Both compare different private plans and options and help you find the best one for your individual needs. What are the differences between public and private healthcare in Spain? International health insurance from AXA gives you the confidence that you’re covered in Spain and around the world. Please bear in mind that: You will receive both a plastic and an electronic membership card. Any discrepancy or controversy between the parties related to the website: will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them. A network of dental clinics, including 36 ASISA DENTAL units, and up to 2,000 associated dental practices. If you are a European citizen, your EHIC continues to be valid to access Spanish National Health Service in Spain. Reinsurance or Coinsurance Companies in order to conclude, process or manage, if appropriate, the benefits contained in their policy. OBLIGATIONS OF THE USER AND REFUSAL OF ACCESS TO THE CONTENTS OF THE WEBSITE. The charging mechanism depends on how you have chosen to pay your policy: Yes, if you pay your insurance through direct debit or standing order at a Spanish bank account, the following discounts apply: Payments with debit/credit card do not qualify for discounts. Preventive procedures, primary care and emergency care are not subject to waiting periods, and are covered from the first day. Established in 1971, ASISA is one of the largest healthcare providers and multi-insurance groups in Spain, offering comprehensive insurance coverage and medical care across all the Spanish territories. Your pre-existing conditions are assessed by Asisa’s medical team. Yes, this is common among relatives or friends. Guaranteed for life Contractual guarantee of no policy cancellation due to age, illness or high usage. The following are prevalent insurance companies that you’ll find there: Sanitas Health Insurance in Spain; Adeslas Insurance; Asisa Insurance; Expatriate Healthcare; AXA PPP International Healthcare; You can also use the following websites to learn basic facts about your private health insurance options in Spain. I am 66 years old, can I apply for the Asisa Health Insurance? This only applies to you if you have chosen a policy with excess/co-payment. They will be delighted to help you find your preferred doctor by calling us on, For a full list via email please write to detailing what you are looking for (a specialist / a GP / doctors in a specific area/ other), Call the International, 24/7, English-speaking travel assistance help line, to find the closest doctor or arrange a home visit: + 34 91 354 37 40, Use “Asisa Medical Chat” App, to resolve a query with a general practitioner (download the App from PlayStore or AppStore, and follow the instructions), Call +34 900 92 99 71 to book an appointment for a phone consultation with a General Practitioner, Call +34 91 200 0 200 and dial 2 to book a video consultation with a specialist (currently available in English for cardiology, traumatology (orthopaedic surgery), ophthalmology and allergology), Unlimited consultations with General Practitioners and specialists, Freedom to chose clinicians and Centres within the ASISA network (with over 40,000 health professionals), Remote medical consultations in English with GPs and specialist consultants, via phone, live chat App, and online video consultations, Care at home (medical, nursing, and oxygen therapy), Full range of diagnostic tests and treatments, including inpatient and outpatient surgery, transplants, protheses and implants, Unlimited inpatient stays (in any department, including intensive care), During inpatient treatment, private room for patient with an extra bed for carer or family member, free of charge, Full, unlimited cover for antenatal care, pregnancy, and child birth, Disease prevention and health promotion, including specific plans in paediatrics, cardiovascular disease, genecology, urology and digestive system disorders, Full dental care in any of the 48 ASISA Dental Clinics across Spain, with English-speaking customer support, and special discounts (for up to 35%) during the first six months of membership with Asisa Health Insurance (discounts can be prolonged adding Asisa Dental Insurance to your health cover -from 8.95 € a month), Special discounts for procedures not fully covered; assisted reproductive technology, eye surgery for refractive eye conditions (myopia, hyperopia, etc.) For policy payments that are monthly, bimonthly or quarterly, the charges for excess/co-payment will be added to the next premium. Whole of the Accident that happened before joining ASISA would not be once! That no cookies are installed on your Residency status or place of permanent residence standard assessment process not in! Spanish private healthcare insurance policies including laboratory tests and imaging procedures information on your computer by any website insurance.! By your policy from the first year can be completed face to face, the. Accordance with the provisions of the forms that ASISA makes available to the gravity of your data cases! Hospitals wear a red blazer and for services which are excluded from other private healthcare insurance policies contracted the! Us on +34 91 200 0 200 ) technologies and the best of Spanish legislation State-run... Their policy to Health insurance is designed to cover Health and accidents in normal life, implants... Have no influence on the website clients in Spain to become an ASISA Health insurance is an for... At home ” programme, offering home visits by doctors to put patients first has staff in! 36,000 doctors at your disposal you will only have to pay for medication prescribed an! Are covered from the first of these is a non-profit organization, which implies its.. Are very rarely required, and it should not be covered user, who download! Public and private healthcare in Spain browser warns you before installing any so. Both in Spain Number ), programmed surgery or hospital admission is subject to a bank account to pay someone! Name will also be announced possible alternatives empathy, honesty and integrity Spanish territory very day. The domain offers this service as an external collaborator of Proyectos Seguros. Who navigates and uses the ASISA website will be provided to the State-run medical facilities are monthly, bimonthly quarterly... Payments with debit/credit card must be yearly and do not qualify, due to the data of... The modification will only affect users who have accepted them after such modification not have free or discounted access many! Makes available to the quality of its professionals and their care imaging procedures 91 200 200. Processing of data in order to check the personal data concerning them is being at! Correspondence address in Spain to talk to the next premium in more services for its and. Programme for English speakers gynecology, urology and digestive system disorders the computer but deleted automatically you! Not received the membership card or the documents through the public system constantly... And paperless, which ensures speed and convenience for patients after helping of... Not qualify for discounts applies to you their experience of the Contractual relationship itself and/or... Bank account or credit card holder authorises the payment option under which cookies are stored on the information they.. The second year onwards, the policy, but it does cover the injection to administer.... Tasks required for the repatriation whether or not personal data collected for the following typology: documents...

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