Weaving her Own Life Choices

Laxmi Saru Magar is an experienced Dhaka weaver, who lives in Kapilvastu district in Nepal. Dhaka, a traditional cotton fabric hand woven, is well-known for its distinctive patterns in geometric shapes and vibrant colors. With a lifetime of experience, Laxmi is constantly learning and creating new designs and possibilities for her and all the xxx women who work with her.  

Laxmi is one of the 113 women entrepreneurs in the Greater Lumbini Area in Nepal who are being supported by the World Bank-financed Program for the Development of the Buddhist Circuit in South Asia. To support the Dhaka weavers in the area, the Bank team engaged Ram Bahadur Muktan, one of the pioneers in the field of Dhaka in Nepal. Ram’s sister, Kalpana Limbu, is also a renowned weaver and founder of “The Highland Art”, a xxxx that exports Dhaka products all over the world.  In Laxmi own words: “Knowing that the lockdown would happen any time, I wanted to learn more about new patterns and designs to incorporate into my products while I stay at home and weave. When new designs are introduced, we can automatically tag a higher price for the product.”

Laxmi has become a source of inspiration for all her young co-workers, who strive to become talented Dhaka weavers. A role model for young weavers, Laxmi has been able to grow her business and open her own shop in the nearby city. However, for her it’s not all about business. Laxmi has dedicated her life to pursuing her passion of hand weaving Dhaka garments while providing employment opportunities to other inspiring weavers. “I want my fellow coworkers to become better with time and I will also be overjoyed when them open their own shop!” 

The Program is supporting Laxmi to take her inherent talent, compassion and legacy to the next level by providing her and other Dhaka weavers in the area with access to new knowledge, people and markets. By evolving Dhaka’s traditional styles into contemporary designs and new markets is allowing entrepreneurs as Laxmi the opportunity to weave their own life choices.